Buying & Selling

Buying and Selling with Valley Pacific Realty & Investments

Whether you are buying or selling property you can put your trust in us.  We are very experienced and are experts in the field.  Our licensed associates will give you their undivided attention and know exactly what to do in providing great service.

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or you’ve been building a portfolio over time,Valley Pacific Realty & Investment is here to help you sell, buy, and perhaps even more.

Our brokerage services meet your needs as an investor and a rental property owner. Whether you want to sell or buy, help with multifamily buildings or single family homes, we are here to offer our local knowledge and our talented resources. We help owners buy condos, townhomes, and apartment buildings. We can help you find the perfect house or sell the one that’s no longer fitting your needs.

As your real estate broker, we will:

Show you how to get started in real estate investing. We’re here for you to share strategies, answer questions, and bring you exciting investment opportunities.

Discuss with you your investment goals and find the properties that will best meet your needs.

Help you with selling a home, buying a home, and everything in between.

Research the market, negotiate prices, and present your best options so you can make the best decision.

Keep the lines of communication open. We believe in honest reporting, instant access to your account, and quick answers to pressing questions.

Buying Rental Property & Managing Rental Property

Any agent can help you buy a property. But, how many agents can follow your property through the whole life of the investment cycle? We’ll help you purchase, we’ll help you rehab and rebuild, and we’ll manage for you. When it’s time, we’ll help you sell.

This is a great benefit to investors like you because it means we get to know your property. We develop more than just a professional interest in it; we know what it looked like when you acquired it and what we had to do to get it on the market. We know your tenants and the home’s repair history. We know the neighborhood and so on.

With Valley Pacific Realty & Investments, you get a brokerage firm and you get more. You get a realistic, approach to investment management.